What’s your current job, your dream job, and one thing you’re going to do this week to get yourself closer to it?

I’ve seen so many people during this pandemic, during lockdowns and restrictions, take the leap of quitting their job and either going on to something else or starting their own business. Finding their purpose or something that makes them happy, and fully committing themselves to it. And that’s great.

However, for some people, that leap is too big, too daunting, and heck – your bills aren’t going to pay themselves! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing something you don’t love.

The reason why I ask what’s one thing you’ll do this week to get yourself closer to your dream is because you don’t have to take massive leaps and moves to get yourself started. It could be something tiny. Like researching job opportunities or finding connections, or registering a business name.

Because whether you take leaps or bounds, or just small steps, you’re doing something, you’re moving forward, you’re getting there.

And sometimes, the twists and turns and opportunities you take to get there are unexpectedly fun and fulfilling and rewarding.

For reference: My current job is sport and social media producer at a major Australian TV network, my dream job is to be a humanitarian journalist, and one thing I’m going to do this week is research different news outlets and organisations I can pitch to.

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